Serving our Community

How does St. Barnabas serve our surrounding community?  Let us count the ways!  Visitors to St. Barnabas frequently comment on our community and outreach programs and the high number of our parishioners involved.  Even our building and grounds energetically 'serve' as comforting places to our community for beauty, comfort, meetings, and joy.


St. Barnabas members have an opportunity several times a year to serve families that are experiencing homelessness. Volunteer opportunities include preparing and serving meals and walking alongside family members in their homelessness.


Each year, St. Barnabas awards financial grants to organizations that support their surrounding communities. The community grants are awarded through the Outreach Committee with financial help from earnings off the parish endowment.


The church has a lovely outdoor labyrinth to which people come from all over to walk and meditate. There is no charge to use it and it offers peaceful quiet time to anyone seeking it.


Many Denverites come to sit in the front of St. Barnabas because of its beautiful garden. Several classes have brought their children by and, because we are just across the street from a major Denver ice cream institution (Liks!), many people will cross the street and sit in our garden to eat their ice cream and enjoy the surroundings.


Many local groups such as AA and other music groups use St. Barnabas for their meetings. While there is a small charge for building use, the groups are enormously grateful for the church and local community at being able to meet here.


This ministry of the Outreach Committee collects money and in-kind items monthly to donate to a local community group or agency that serves marginalized and dispossessed people. A list of the agency of the month is in the eNews, and giving a financial gift to the monthly group can be done online by going to the Giving page and clicking on “2 Others.”

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