Office Space Available:

St. Barnabas has office space available for rent. Learn more here.

Office Space Rental


St. Barnabas Episcopal Church at 1280 Vine St., Denver, CO, has second floor office space available for rent by nonprofit organizations. Sharing our building with the wider community is a Community Ministry for St. Barnabas. Organizations sharing space at the church would become Community Partners.

St. Barnabas Community Partners share St. Barnabas’s Values: Our community shares a progressive vision, opens our arms to all people, and works to make the world more just.

Space Available

Room 209 is a large, carpeted, multipurpose room with a storage closet. Windows look to the alley and the backs of houses on the east. This room is 400 Sq. Ft.

Room 210 is also a large, carpeted, multipurpose room with a storage closet and windows that look out on the alley and houses on the east.  This room is also 400 Sq. Ft.

Rooms 209 and 210 are joined by large, sliding doors.

The Corner Office on the second floor is 255 Sq. Ft. with windows to the west and some storage space. This room is not carpeted.

The Nursery is next to the Corner Office with windows that look west. This room has a sink and counter space and some storage. It is not carpeted. A restroom is across the hall. The Nursery is 316 Sq. Ft.

The Corner Office and the Nursery do not have a connecting door.

Rental costs at St. Barnabas range from $15 – $17/Sq. Ft.

For Information, contact: Julia Wade, Parish Administrator, 303-388-6469 or or Barbara Mattison, Facilitator, Building Use Group, 303-322-4878.

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