Office Space Available:

St. Barnabas has office space available for rent. Learn more here.


Electronic Offering Plate

The people of St. Barnabas Parish are so grateful for your support. To leave a gift just as you would if you were visiting in person and put a gift in the offering plate, click on the button below. Your gift will help St. Barnabas spread God’s word and do God’s work.

Giving 2 Others

During the pandemic, St. Barnabas donates money to local organizations that serve poor and marginalized persons in our community through our “Giving 2 Others” fund. One organization will receive all donations for that month. Monthly recipients are listed in the eNews. To donate to this fund, click on the button below.

Annual Gift Payments

If you have registered your Annual Gift to St. Barnabas, click the button below to make a payment toward fulfilling your gift. You are making God's work in this place a reality. We thank you!

Next Steps