Thank you to Mike Orr and Episcopal Church, Colorado, for making this video!

Most churches say that "all are welcome"--but you may have your doubts. Here are some preemptive answers to your questions:

"What if I'm LGBTQ--or someone I love is?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I'm single, married, separated, divorced, or remarried?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I have children, or am a single parent, a parent of children with special needs, adopted children, or if I'm not a parent at all?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I vote Democrat--or Republican--or Independent--or Other?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I have doubts, or am not sure how I feel about religion?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I believe science should inform my spiritual beliefs?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I am of another denomination?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I am an immigrant, or a refugee, or a U.S. citizen?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I live in a suburb, or in a motel, or I don't have a home?"--Yes, you are welcome

"What if I love to dress up for church, or I'd rather just wear jeans, or I have only the clothes on my back?"--Yes, you are welcome

Yes, you are welcome--and you are also welcome to bring your partner, spouse, children, and friends. Bring your questions and doubts, your wounds and your fears. Bring your hopes and dreams, your answers and joy. Bring your weakness, grief, and worry. Bring your strength and compassion, and your heart, mind, soul, and passion. Please, leave nothing of yourself behind at the door--for we welcome you.