Who We Are

St. Barnabas Lens

St. Barnabas Episcopal Church has been gathered, blessed, and shaped by God to be a people who:

Celebrate spirituality--we seek communion with God through lives and relationships that demonstrate God within and through worship
Extend hospitality--we are intentional in inviting, preparing for, welcoming, and setting a place at the table for all people in God’s caring community
Practice stewardship--we cherish the gifts that God gives us and take responsibility for supporting, nurturing, protecting, and preserving these gifts
Seek justice--we recognize and respect the dignity of all God’s creation, see the face of Christ in every person, and actively work toward kindness, humility, and justice
Cherish inclusivity--we value, accept, appreciate, and celebrate each person’s uniqueness, creativity, and talents as expressions of God
Encourage inquiry--encourage self-awareness through exploring possibilities within boundaries and questioning assumptions and traditions

In Practical Terms:

We enjoy spirituality and worship is important to us, but we are not dogmatic.  We enjoy discussing and wrestling with spirituality and current events, even when we don't have all the answers.  As Robin Williams says, "you don't have to check your brains at the door".

We believe in welcoming everyone, and find that our diverse parish is stronger because of our differences.

We feel strongly about standing up for, caring for and accepting those who are marginalized, harassed and misunderstood.  We work to create a place of sanctuary for those who need refuge, within the walls of our building and within our community itself.  

We believe in outward-focused ministries and service to the community, including the Women's Homelessness Initiative, the Colfax Community Network, Arts on Vine, and others.

We believe in families, and know that it is challenging to raise kids.  We believe that parents and kids thrive in a safe and loving community. We believe that teenagers are the answer-- not the problem.

We love arts & music, and believe that these help us express our place in God's world.