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This page is the future home of our parish newsletter "The Steeple Bell".

Why "Steeple Bell"?

Well the origin of that name is lost in the mystery of history. However, steeple bells have long been rung not just as a signal to come to worship but have been rung to gather the community so they might be informed of what ever needs their attention. So we choose carry forward this tradition. This newsletter is the bell in our steeple to help keep us informed about the life and ministry we share here at St. Barnabas.

Welcome to your Steeple Bell!

Christmastide at St. Barnabas

We are fast approaching Christmastide -- which is a fancy way of saying Christmas and the days following to the feast of the Epiphany. (More about Epiphany later.)

On December 18th the 9:30 service will bring the Christmas Pageant. This year it is:

                                  The Nativity: A Pageant about the Pageant

From the littlest Lambs to mighty Angels there is a part for every child! Please come along and share in the simple joy of the Nativity story.

Christmas Caroling! At 6:30 PM on the 18th. All who would like to brave the weather and roam the neighborhood singing Christmas Carols to our neighbors are invited to bundle up and come along. After there will be hot apple cider in Grant Hall to warm us back up!

Christmas Eve kicks off at 5:00PM with the Children's and Family service. This service makes sure that even the littlest get to play a part in our worship. There are Christmas Carols, Story Time with Father Paul, and Holy Communion. (Allowing for the excitement of the evening and Christmas Day this service is no more than one hour in length.)

Christmas Choir Concert! At 6:45, as people begin to gather for our later service, the St. Barnabas Choir, under the direction of Choir Master David Bell, will offer a half hour program of seasonal music.The program’s centerpiece is a stunning work by American composer Kurt Knecht, called “A Prayer for Peace.” Based on a text by Rabbi Nathan of Breslov, this piece provides an impassioned exhortation for peace on earth, punctuated by one simple phrase from Isaiah 2:4, “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation.” The choir always does a superlative job. Come early to get your favorite seat!

Our Candle light service will begin at 7:30 PM. This service is a traditional Holy Eucharist with lots of Christmas Carols and a beautiful anthem sung by the choir.

Christmas Day this year lands on Sunday. As ever there will be one Christmas day service at 10:00 AM. We will celebrate a very simple service of Holy Communion. For carols during the service we allow for people to shout out their favorite carol and whoever is loudest fastest gets their carol sung!


Recognizing the profound generosity of Peter and Rhondda Grant in supporting our Capital Campaign and our building renewal the parish meeting room on the first floor of Marshall House has been named Grant Hall. Their contribution is simply the capstone on decades of dedication and generosity the Grant's have extended to their parish family and home here at St. Barnabas.

(FYI Did you know that Peter and Rhondda were also instrumental in helping the parish underwrite the 1990 renovation of the church when it was discovered that it had been built without a foundation and the walls were in imminent danger of collapse?)

Their tireless commitment to the ongoing life and ministry in Christ of Saint Barnabas is inspiring and deeply appreciated. 

Thank you Peter and Rhondda!

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