Serving Around the World

Soup Group:  From Denver To Baghdad With Love

We at St. Barnabas are very conscious of world needs. We have many outreach projects which extend beyond the borders of the U.S.

A very successful outreach program we have had for several years is making soup for St. George's Clinic in Baghdad.  Making soup? Yes, in-deed, making soup.  Soup-making-months begin in late fall and continue on until late spring.  All varieties of delicious soup, both meat based and vegetarian, are made and then frozen.  Parishioners can make a donation for individual or family size containers, all the while knowing they are helping to sustain a medical/dental clinic in war torn Iraq.  Everyone benefits from this project, the planners, the cooks, the parishioners and the recipients of the medical care, it is an all win cause!


Knitting 4 Peace

Knitters and crocheters from St. Barnabas are kept busy all year, making peace dolls, warm blankets and hats for newborns, hats and mittens for children and adults.  Many of these items are sent all around the world.  Prayer shawls are also made for our own parishioners who are experiencing illness and in special need of warmth and comfort.  What could be more loving than to have someone make you your own special "blankie" during recovery? 


Episcopal Relief and Development

Episcopal Relief and Development is an Episcopal Organization which helps with relief during disasters such as the Haiti earthquake, the Japanese Tsunami, and the recent hurricane Matthew.  Many of St. Barnabas contribute to this undertaking as one human with funds helping another human in crisis.