To the Rector

One idea that was passed along to me recently is that of an annual questionnaire on various aspects of the ministry of the Rector. Questions might include subjects like Worship services, sermons, pastoral care, community & larger church relations, communication, parish values...

Not a bad idea but perhaps it might go a bit more into mutuality with questions like how do you feel about your faith walk? What kind of support do you need in your ministry as a baptized Christian? How can the parish support you in deepening your spiritual gifts? What is the toughest question about faith you wrestle with?

I'd like to have such a questionnaire be a place of give and take, where questions and hopes, doubts and answers can be shared as a means for growth and empowerment. 

I invite any member of the parish who would like to work with me on development of this type of questionnaire to please give me a call and let's explore this together