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St Barnabas is calling a Priest-in-Charge.

Part of this process is to complete the Community Portfolio, which consists mainly of 12 questions to be answered by the parish in workshops scheduled on the website calendar.  Draft answers will be posted on a blog (at the bottom of this page) for review and comment by all.  The workshops are interspersed among "regular" Forums, which are reviewing Brian McLaren's book, The Great Spiritual Migration.  This book directly supports the discernment we are in the midst of.  We invite everyone to participate!


We would love to hear from all St Barnabas members regarding the Community Portfolio Questions. 

Please click here to respond to any or all of the questions.

Community Portfolio Questions

1.  Describe a moment in your worship community's recent ministry which you recognize as one of success and fulfillment.
2.  Describe your liturgical style and practice. If you have more than one, describe them all.
3.  How do you practice incorporating others in ministry?
4.  As a worshiping community, how do you care for your spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being?
5.  Describe your community's involvement in the wider church and/or region.
6.  How do you engage in pastoral care beyond your worshiping community?
7.  Tell about a ministry you have initiated in the past five years. Who can be contacted for more information about this ministry?
7a. What is the current situation for your ministry to children, youth and families?  What is your vision?
8.  How are you preparing yourself for the Church of the future.
9.  What is your practice of stewardship and how does it shape the life of your worshiping community?
10. What is your worshiping community's experience of conflict?  And how have you addressed it?
11. What is your experience leading/addressing change in the church? When has it gone well?  When has it gone poorly?  What did you learn?
12. For a new priest, provide words describing the gifts and skills essential for your future priest (up to four descriptions one or two words each)
13. Develop a budget for Rector salary, benefits, continuing education, sabbatical provision, and ministry expense reimbursement.