Job Description

        The Music Director of St. Barnabas Episcopal Parish oversees the musical life of the parish in partnership with the Priest-in-Charge. Tasks include:

·     Serving as choir director of the St. Barnabas Choir.*

• Choosing and teaching hymns and service music for the principal liturgy of the parish for each Sunday in collaboration with the Priest-in-Charge and based on the themes of the weekly assigned scripture readings and the Church Year.

·     Choosing choir anthems based on the themes of the weekly assigned scripture readings and the Church Year.

·     Planning and conducting choir rehearsals each week while the choir is in session. Choir rehearsals are currently scheduled for 7:00-8:30 p.m. each Thursday.

·     Attend the weekly staff meeting of the parish, which currently meets at 1:30pm on Tuesday.

·     Attending and participating in the Liturgy Committee, which currently meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 3:00 p.m.

·     Arranging for special music each Sunday when the choir does not sing. Primarily, this would be in the summer, from the third Sunday in June through the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, but it may also include various Sundays during the year when the choir is in session.

·     Choosing music for hymnody and choir anthems that reflect a variety of styles (e.g., classical, gospel and spirituals, world music, contemporary, etc.) with an emphasis on expanding the congregation’s musical choices and thereby enhancing the congregation’s worship.

·     Schedule piano and organ maintenance, including piano tuning twice/year.

·     Giving input concerning the music budget to the Finance Committee each year as it develops the parish budget.

·     Supervising the organist and other instrumentalists used for congregational song or to support the choir.


*A note about the choir: This is a volunteer choir, with no paid singers. The primary mission of the Choir of St. Barnabas is to support congregational song in the primary Sunday liturgy of the parish and other liturgies by providing musical leadership in hymnody and the service music. The music in the liturgy is intended to enhance the congregation’s worship, and thereby bring them to a deeper experience of Christ’s presence in their lives. Through your leadership, the choir will grasp these intentions, and be able to express them musically.

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