Saint Barnabas is a diverse, progressive congregation inviting all who seek God into heartfelt worship and loving family community.  We share Christian Communion at an open, welcoming table in every service.  We roll up our sleeves to follow Christ's call to help others through our Sharing Table Ministries. We play together, savoring our connection in the Holy Spirit. Worshipping at St. Barnabas can be both creative and ancient, and music and art are woven into our celebrations.  The cycle of life in the Kingdom on Earth is the ministry we share. Children are cherished.  Young and old, LGBT or straight, we embrace all individuals, couples and families as God's children and fellow life pilgrims.                          Contact Us

Sunday Services (Learn More):  7:45 am: Spoken Eucharist  |  9:30 am: Eucharist with Music  |  11:00 am: Explorations for All Ages