Environmental Update From Our Kitchen Team

Bins for waste.jpg

Colorado prides itself on being a green state.  However, we do not rank at the top of the list for recycling and composting!  

St. Barnabas is trying to up our game - please read how you can help be good stewards of our planet, and look for the proper receptacle to put your cups, plates, etc.   

  1. Coffee cups are all compostable, unless they have a waxy surface, then they are landfill
  2. The small “plastic” cups we sometimes use for juice or wine are compostable – they are made from cornstarch
  3. Paper plates we use at some functions, that do not have a slick surface, are compostable
  4. Cornstarch utensils, like forks, spoons & knives are compostable (plastic ones brought in by others go in the TRASH)
  5. Food, napkins and paper towels are compostable
  6. Cardboard with food residue (e.g. pizza or cake boxes) are compostable
  7. Solo plastic cups are recyclable
  8. Plastic container with a triangle on it is recyclable
  9. Plastic bags go in the trash (or recycle them at your grocery store)
  10. When in Doubt, throw it out (it’s better not to contaminate the recyclables and compostables)

Let’s do our part, as good stewards of our planet, and pay attention to what we do with our waste.

Thank you!

Your Kitchen Team