St. Barnabas 2017 Annual Auction Items




PHOTO BOOTH - Get a special memento of your auction night - a COMPLETELY FAKE photo of you and your loved ones. Alternative facts? How about alternative FUN? Pose in front of the green screen and we'll give you a photo that makes it look like you were in New Orleans, Brazil, or partying with some paid protesters at the Women's March for only FIVE BUCKS. Also makes a good alibi should you need one. Auction Night, March 11. Look for the Photo Booth in the sanctuary. Unlimited. Minimum Cost: $5/picture. Photographers: Nate Stone and Lena Potyondy


VANCE KIRKLAND MUSEUM TOUR - Meet at the new Vance Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art (12th + Bannock) for a docent-led tour mid-afternoon, then go to the Ludwigs' house (Mississippi + Valentia) for a gourmet cocktail hour and dinner. February 24, 2018. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $50/person. Hosts: Pat & John Ludwig


CENTRAL CITY OPERA - Two tickets (one pair) for Central City Opera's production of Mozart's Cosi Fan Tutte in the front row of the balcony. This is a matinee performance at 2:30 pm. July 19. 2 Tickets ONLY. Minimum Bid: $175—both tickets. Offered by Jim Steed.


BONNIE BRAE ART WALK- New route and new art this year! Meet at the Esten's home for coffee and pastries and then walk or drive to Bonnie Brae to view the lovely, interesting, and sometimes humorous mosaics found in the alleys of the area. Walk will be about 2 miles in length. September 30. 20 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Karen and Jim Esten


DINNER AND BOOK TALK - When Breath Becomes Air, by Paul Kalanithi. 6:00 pm At Stan's house 1540 Madison St. 80206. June 3. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $30/person. Host: Stan Siefer


THE JEMIMA CODE BOOK CLUB AND DINNER - Award-winning journalist Toni Tipton-Martin's book, The Jemima Code: Two Centuries of African American Cookbooks, is a tome featuring the histories of more than 150 cookbooks written by black American women and men since the mid- 1800s.  Kevin will report on the book and Ben will join him in preparing a delicious meal from the recipes.  Reading the book is optional!  Saturday May 13.  12 guests.  Minimum Bid $25.  Hosts:  Kevin Lindahl and Ben Fiedler


CHICK FLICK - Movie night with heavy appetizers, wine and a delicious dessert. April 18. 10 Moviegoers. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Dee and Heather Frazier


WOMEN’S SPRING POTLUCK BRUNCH – This promises to be a good time of delicious food and lively conversation. May 20, 10 AM. First 13 to sign up. Flat Fee $5/person. Host: Jennie Creasey


BUTLER GULCH HIKE – We’ll meet at 7:30 am at Jennie’s for a bagel breakfast. Then carpool to the trailhead (outside Empire). Come well prepared with snacks, lunch, water, raingear, etc. Hike will be done at a gentle pace. Saturday, July 15. 12 Hikers. Minimum Bid: $12/person. Hosts: Jennie Creasey and Jana Everett


ART SHARING SHOWCASE - An evening of sharing and taking in any and all forms of visual and performing arts in the community room of the elegant Manchester residence near St. B. Bring your favorite painting, sculpture or object d'art and share its story. Share your music and songs, bring instruments or a piano is available. Read your favorite poem, play excerpt or story. Or just come and enjoy. Hors d'oeuvres and wine provided. October 14. 30 Guests. Minimum Bid: $ 20/person. Hosts: Hildegard White and Christine Schmidt


(ROBBIE) BURNS, BIRDS, & BREWS - Near a magnificent statue of the Scots poet Robbie Burns, in City Park, are trees covered with cormorant nests! Come learn about these sea-birds in Denver, and how this statue came to be placed there, over a picnic lunch and Burns' poetry. We'll provide the lunch, and root beer (plus...) Bring binoculars if you'd like. May 20. 12 Guests—All Ages welcome. Minimum Bid: $15/person, $30/family. Hosts: Paul and Mary Ellen Garrett


PATIO PARTY - Join us for cocktails and appetizers on our "updated" patio!! June 11. 24 Party goers. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Pat and Wills Long


DOG TALES - Join us for hot dogs, cold drinks and dog stories in the St. Barnabas garden. Bring your dog on leash (if well socialized) or lots of pictures. We’ll picnic and tell stories of our own dogs, famous dogs, dogs in books – anything dog. September 17. 25 Human Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/human (dogs are free). Hosts: Bill and Hugo Lundgren and Anne and Bill Bryan


CRATER LAKES HIKE  - Hike three (3) miles from the East Portal of the Moffat tunnel (above Hwy 119) ending in the sub-alpine Crater Lakes. Bring lunch to eat in this beautiful setting, returning to the trailhead in the afternoon. This all day outing is a great family hike. August 26. 8 Hikers. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Roger and Barbara Mattison and Fred Siersma

SEMI-CLASSIC MOVIE -“The Third Man”.  1949 B&W, 109 minutes. Recognized to be one of the best thrillers in the history of cinema, this is the story about black market operations in post-World War II Vienna. This bona fide classic with an unforgettable sound track rivals any Hitchcock thriller. May 20 7:30 PM. 4 Movie Goers. Minimum Bid: $10/person. Host: Fred Siersma.


DESSERT, WINE AND BOOK TALK - Please join Janet Manning and Cheryl Volmert for a lively discussion of Small Great Things, Jodi Picoult’s gripping new novel about privilege, power and race.  We will meet at Janet’s home on Sunday, October 22 at 6:30 pm.  The evening includes dessert and wine. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Janet Manning and Cheryl Volmert


END OF SUMMER POOL PARTY! - Have fun at one of Stapleton's neighborhood pools. We will provide a free pass into the pool along with lunch and libations. You just need to bring your swimsuit, sunscreen and the desire to have fun! August 27. 25 Attendees. Minimum Bid $10/person, $35/family. Hosts: Jolene and Terry Whitney


TICKET TO RIDE  BOARD GAME NIGHT - Ticket to Ride is an award-winning cross-country train adventure board game in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities throughout North America and Europe. The first one to complete all of his/her routes and use all their train tokens wins! A great family game for ages 8 and up. We’ll start with dessert, learn the rules of the game, and then ride the rails! “All aboard!” October 7, 7PM. 12 Guests. Minimum Bid: $10/person, $20/family. Hosts: The Farley Family


LADIES SPRING LUNCHEON - Get in the mood for Spring with a delicious menu on Saturday, March 25 from 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM at the home of Janet Manning. A good time required. First 20 to sign up get to go to this luncheon. Flat Bid of $25/person. Hosts: Janet Manning and Pat Long


CELEBRATE MAYA ANGELOU – Read/Discuss I know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Or as an option, bring one of her poems to share. Tea and biscuits will be served. Saturday, May 13, 2 PM. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Host: Judy Trujillo


Wii NIGHT AT ST. BARNABAS – What’s your favorite Wii Game…Mario Kart? Wheel of Fortune? Soccer? Bowling? Just Dance? We have them all! Come plan on the BIG SCREEN in the youth room. Food and drinks provided. July 2. 12 Wii Gamers. Minimum Bid: $10/person. Host: Family Ministry


MOVIE AND DINNER- South Pacific the 1958 Oscar-winning Rodgers & Hammerstein musical, pits the American mom-and-apple pie culture against the exotic world of the South Pacific. It raises questions about people who are not like ourselves. Does it resonate with today’s America or is it just an exotic romance set to song? Dinner will feature American mid-west: baked steak with mashed potatoes and – what else? Apple pie. April 22. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Host: Chris Bauer


VODKA INFUSION - Learn how to infuse vodka with your favorite fruits, spices and flavors! These can be used to perk up cocktails, sauces, and ice cream or simply to sip with friends and family. Vodka will be provided. August 19. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Host: David Bell


MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY ART - Lunch and Visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art. We'll meet at noon at my place in LoDo and then walk to the Museum Contemporary Art, three blocks away. There are three current exhibitions--painting, photography, and graffiti. After touring the museum, we will have coffee/tea in the wonderful museum cafe. April 23. 4 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Host: Jana Everett


VEGETARIAN PAELLA DINNER - Imagine a lovely Spanish rice baked in a large paella pan flavored with saffron and bursting with colorful vegetables.  We’ll start the meal with Spanish appetizers, follow the paella with salad and finish with dessert and cappuccino all accompanied by appropriate Spanish libations. November 3, 6:30 PM. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $30/person. Hosts: Elizabeth and Timothy Hepp


LUNCH AND “STORIES ON STAGE” - Join us after church on Sunday, May 7, for lunch at our house and  the last show of the 2016-17 season of “Stories on Stage”, a performing arts organization that entertains audiences with professional actors reading short stories.  The theme for this production is “Motherhood Out Loud” which suggests that all of the stories will have something to do with mothers.  The stories are generally funny, sad, touching, challenging or a combination of all of the above. May 7, After Church. 2 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Elizabeth and Timothy Hepp


PLAY DISCUSSION - “Disgraced”. The Denver Center is producing the Pulitzer Prize winning play, “Disgraced” playing from March 31 to May 7.  This play is the most produced play in the nation this season.  It deals with culture, assimilation, denial, misunderstanding , religion and race.  It is a challenging piece that intends to provoke conversation.  See the play on your own and join us for discussion on Tuesday, April 25 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. Unlimited Guests – not suitable for under 13 years of age. Flat Bid: $5/person. Hosts: Elizabeth and Timothy Hepp


DINNER AND BOOK DISCUSSION - Dinner and Book Discussion: on Colson Whitehead, The Underground Railroad. September 10, 2017. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Host: Jana Everett


DINNER WITH JULIA CHILD AND NEIL - The spirit of the French Chef will preside over a lovely dinner at Chez Neil. Still simmering in the mind, the menu will be inspired by Julia’s “Mastering The Art of French Cooking”. Start the evening with aperitifs and amuse-bouche (Friends fans will giggle) on the patio, weather permitting, followed by courses and entrée, sorbet to clear the palate, and wines of course. Who knows what culinary delights await you? Only Julia! Though she wrote her masterpiece for the “servant-less” cook, Neil will have Monsieur Rick, his Patisserie, to create fabulous sweet finishes to a delightful evening. So join the spirit of Julia Child at their new (and roomier) home, Chez Neil! Bon Appetit! August 19. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Neil Stock


INVIGORATING BOOK DISCUSSION - Enjoy a delicious dinner and an invigorating book discussion, The evening will start at 6:00 p.m. The paperback book, Transitions by Julia Cameron, is a gift-sized book, 212 pages and costs $9 on Amazon. Cameron "shares beautiful prayers of empowerment followed by potent declarations and reflections on the nature of change and coping. Transitions will help guide the soul and draw readers toward the source of their inner strength." If possible, please read the book prior to the dinner for a more rich discussion. May 13, 6PM. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Katherine and Bill Johnson


13th ANNUAL ST. BARNABAS JANE FOSTER MEMORIAL MINIATURE GOLF TOURNAMENT - Join us for BBQ picnic dinner and pre-game refreshments start at David Ford's East Denver Mayfair Park townhouse at 5:30PM, with tournament action immediately following at Hyland Hills Adventure Golf in Westminster. Ends about 10PM. Saturday, June 17. 10 Golfers – adults only. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosted by: David Ford


THRIFT STORE TRIP - at a few of Denver’s best places, guided by thrift store maven Eloise May. Includes $20 spending money. June 10, 8:30 AM to noon. 2 Shoppers only. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Shopping Guide: Eloise May


BOOK DISCUSSION AND DINNER – Please join me at my home for a vegetarian lasagna dinner and a discussion of Celeste Ng’s “Everything I Never Told You”. An exquisite novel about a Chinese American family living in the 1970s small-town Ohio. May 7 at 6 PM. 7 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Host: Jennie Creasey

WINE TASTING - at Wild Women Winery with heavy appetizers plus an extra glass of your favorite wine. January 19, 2018. 10 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Heather and Bill Frazier


WOMEN’S AUTUMN POT LUCK BRUNCH – this promises to be a good time of delicious food and lively conversation. November 18 10AM. First 13 to sign up. $5 flat fee/person. Host: Jennie Creasey


PYSANKY - Easter Egg Decorating (with Erin Bell and Mary Ellen Garrett). Meet at St. B's for an afternoon learning this traditional Ukranian technique to make detailed designs, using vivid colors. Choose from timeless symbols of spring and renewal, or create your own designs. All materials provided. April 8. 8 Attendees ages 8 and up. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Mary Ellen Garrett and Erin Bell


BACKCOUNTRY HISTORY HIKE AND PICNIC - provided through South Suburban Parks and Recreation Dept. Explore Colorado as the settlers did! Hike through pristine open space to historic sites in Highlands Ranch Backcountry. Then hear a historian tell stories while enjoying a picnic at the old Grig’s homestead. For 16 and older. Will be up and down hills and on uneven terrain. May 27. 2 Hikers. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Hosts: Claire and Jim Hayes


A SALON - is a historical form of an intellectual discussion gathering hosted by one person. This Salon will be a series of three meetings to discuss current issues in a respectful and non-partisan manner. Timely issues will be announced in advance, such as: (Health Care - marketplace or single payer), (The income divide between rich and workers), (Is Denver getting too big - transportation and housing). Dates are Wednesday evenings, 6:30 to 8:30 PM, Aug 30, Sept 20, Oct 18. A simple dinner and wine will be served. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $30/person. Hosts; Kemper & Jody Will


BIKES AND BELLS - Enjoy a light picnic supper courtesy of the Mattisons, then bicycle from Washington Park to the University of Denver. We'll enjoy a Sunday evening recital on the Williams Carillon while seated on the lawn in front of the Ritchie Center. We will return to Washington Park about 8 pm. Bicycle helmets required; front and rear bike lights recommended. August 6. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Roger and Barbara Mattison


FILM AND SUPPER - "Blazing Saddles” (1974) is a hilarious, bad-taste spoof of Westerns. Rated one of the best 10 comedies of the 20th Century. Co-written by Richard Pryor, directed by Mel Brooks, starring Cleavon Little, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn & Harvey Korman (with a cameo by Mel Brooks). The evening includes a 3-course western barbecue supper.  October 14. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $30/person. Hosts: Roger and Barbara Mattison and Fred Siersma


DENVER BCYCLE TOUR OF THE PARKS - Tour the parks near downtown using our fabulous Bicycle share system ( The approximately 3-hour, leisurely-paced ride includes scenic rest stops and lunch along the way. Bcycle fees are included in this event. June 3, approximately 10AM-2PM. 6 Bikers. Minimum Bid: $40/person. Hosts: David and Robbie Millis


PLUM DUMPLINGS - Bring kids of all ages over to make (and eat!) plum dumplings, the traditional Hungarian send-off to summer! We'll spend the morning mashing up potatoes, boiling dumplings, and talking and/or playing, depending on your emotional or physical age. A good hands-on event for little folks. September 9. 20 Guests. Minimum Bid: $5/person. Hosts: Nate Stone and Lena Potyondy


"COME WITH ME TO THE CASBAH" – A Moroccan dinner for 6 at Steve and Cherry Barney's home in Stoney Brook.  April 8, 6PM. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $30/person. Hosts: Steve and Cherry Barney


BIKE RIDE & CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH - Annual 18 mile bike ride around Cherry Creek Reservoir and then back to Heather's house for super yummy food and champagne. Your taste buds will thank you! June 24. 8 Bike Riders. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Heather Frazier and Tori Meyers


DINNER WITH MAC - Learn how to become frightfully productive with your Apple Mac Laptop, using the amazing (free!) productivity tool, Quicksilver. Includes dinner (with mac & cheese, of course) & margaritas. Must already have a WORKING Mac laptop. July 23. 50 Attendees. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Host: David Millis


SWISS FONDUE DINNER - A popular auction item every year, this authentic cheese fondue dinner is at the home of Barbara and Conor Farley. Barbara’s family in Switzerland comes from a long line of dairy farmers, so she knows a thing or two about Swiss cows, Swiss cheeses and how to make fondue!  Enjoy hors d’oeuvres and cheese fondue with a variety of delicious things to dip including crusty bread, veggies, and fruit. Of course there will wine, schnapps and dessert too! (note: gluten-free diets can be accommodated!). January 20, 2018 7PM. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $40/person. Hosts: Barbara and Conor Farley


SWISS JASS CARD GAME NIGHT - Whether you are a card shark, or a curious beginner, you’ll enjoy a fun evening learning this Swiss national card game known as Jass (pronounced “Yoss”). Using a deck of 36 cards with 4 unique suits of roses, bells, acorns and shields, this trick-taking game is played with 4 players, in teams of two. Those who catch on quickly or have played before can progress to play with trump and other variations. The Swiss are rule-followers, so no cheaters are allowed! We’ll celebrate St. Nikolaus Tag early with a traditional Swiss dessert or cookies. Ages 8 and up. December 2, 7 PM. 10 Guests. Minimum Bid: $10/person, $30/family. Hosts: The Farley Family


COCKTAILS IN THE GARDEN - Relax and enjoy a delicious cocktail buffet in the lovely courtyard garden of hostess Janet Manning Sunday, August 20, 6:00-8:00 PM. 25 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Host: Janet Manning


WILD AND WOOLY LAMB DINNER - Roast lamb from a family history of cooking lamb - plus all the fixin's, plus wine. No one is pulling the wool over your eyes. This is the real deal. April 21. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $40/person. Hosts: Joe and Sally Megeath


KICK BALL - Join us for a family friendly game of kickball. After the game, head back to our house for dinner. August 9. 20 Guests. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Hosts: The Meyers Family


COME ABOARD THE MANCHESTER – not by the sea, but close to St. Barnabas Church. 2 blocks to 2030 E 11th Ave. A sea-side party with dinner, with all fixing, good conversation, a game with fabulous prizes and to end the evening with music in the garden. August 13. 8-10 Guests. Minimum Bid: $22/person. Host: Hildegard M. White


SOUTHWESTERN FEAST – After we start with guacamole and other nibbles, we will feast on chicken simmered in a gently spiced, velvety sauce off red chiles and almonds accompanied by roasted summer squashes from our garden. And finish with a helping of flan. September 16, 6:30 PM. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $40/person. Hosts: Ray O’Loughlin and Jamie Henderson


DINNER AND A MOVIE – Come join me for pizza, a movie, and popcorn of course! We will choose our date and movie as a group (G or PG only) as new movies are released between now and Christmas 2017. 6 Moviegoers. Minimum Bid: $16/person. Host: Jake Burgess Clark


GAMES, GRAPES, GRUB & GRILL – Come join the annual late summer BBQ with lots of food and drink followed by the lively game of TABOO! August 26. 18 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Kristen Nordenholz, Andy Martin and Velinda Varnado


“HAVE ANOTHER ROUND” – Come join us for singing rounds and enjoying heavy appetizers and drinks! At Kristen and Andy’s House. Friday evening, October 20. 20 Singers. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Kristen Nordenholz and Mary Ellen Garrett


CROISSANTS – Have you ever wanted to learn how to make flaky, buttery croissants like a French baker? I learned how about 50 years ago and will be happy to share my secrets in a hands-on cooking class in my kitchen. Take some home to enjoy Sunday Morning with cafe´ au lait. November 4, Saturday afternoon. 4 Croissant Bakers. Minimum Bid: $10/person. Host: Chris Bauer


LEARN TO KNIT! - Erin Bell will teach the basics of knitting to help build a foundation for a fun hobby you can take anywhere, creating your own accessories and garments. We'll start by knitting a simple scarf, using two sessions to learn the beginning techniques, troubleshoot problems, and then complete the project. Adults and youth, female and male, are welcome! Erin will work out session dates and discuss needed supplies with those who win the item. Dates will be decided upon with winners of this bid. 10 Knitters. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Offered by Erin Bell


COOKING WITH THE TRIO - Having a holiday gathering or going to a gathering? People stopping by? Let’s get together and make some appetizers than can be frozen or kept in an air-tight container for the occasion when you need a quick appetizer or two. Cooking is more fun when you are not doing it all by yourself. You’ll have company/help as you prepare an appetizer. Everyone will get some of what is made to take home and the recipes. December 9, 1:00 PM. 10 Cooks. Minimum Bid: $20/person.

Hosts: Janet Manning, Heather Frazier, and Karen Hoffman


LE DINNER FRANCAIS!  - "Channeling Jacques Pepin.”  Eight lucky diners will enjoy French wines, appetizers, cheeses, Rob and Jacques' boeuf bourguignon, French pastries, and dessert. MAGNIFIQUE! February 3. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $40/person. Hosts: Rob and Connie Friesen


TACO BAR AND BEER TASTING - A backyard Mexican feast.  We will provide a yummy array of ingredients for making your own tacos and appropriate sides.  You bring a favorite beer to taste and share. June 16, 6:30 PM. 10 Guests. Minimum Bid $20/person. Hosts: Elizabeth and Timothy Hepp


MURDER MYSTERY DINNER - Whodunit? It might be you! The annual sleuthing party with the Blancs and Bells includes food and fun with a mystery to solve. September 30. 8 Players. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Hosts: Erin and David Bell and Becky and Warren Blanc


DAY AT THE RACES – A day at Arapahoe Park Race Track to watch the ponies run! We will gather in the Director’s Room where we will receive a betting lesson, have lunch, bet on the races, watch the races, and tour the Steward’s area where races are called. At the end of the day we will go to one of the barns to talk with a trainer and get up close to the horses. Sunday, June 10, 12:30PM. 10 Guests. Hosts: Lynn and Karen Hoffman


BREWERY TOUR - Back by Popular Demand! Your hosts will pick you up, be your DD driver while you enjoy several of our fabulous local breweries, provide you with lovely snacks, and then drop you off at your house. You are responsible for purchasing your own beer. June 17, approx. 1PM. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Warren & Becky Blanc, Conor Farley, Heather Frazier & Clint Mapston




TAPAS - "little dishes of Spain".  A most popular St. Barnabas Auction tradition. Enjoy an array of hearty appetizers accompanied by Spanish wines in the splendid Polo Club home of Kevin and Ben.  Many cooks create a wide range of tasty choices.  Bid early and bid often! Saturday, September 9. 25 Guests. Minimum Bid: $40/person. Hosts: Elizabeth & Timothy Hepp, Judy Trujillo, Kevin Lindahl & Ben Fiedler, and Karen & Lynn Hoffman


MIDWEEK FOOTHILLS HIKE- AN OLDIE BUT GOODIE- Meet at the Estens' home for breakfast and then carpool to the trailhead. The hike will be up to 4 miles round trip. Provide your own lunch, water, and rain gear. May 16. 20 Hikers. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Karen & Jim Esten


BOTANIC GARDENS TOUR - Join me for a summer evening tour of the 2017 Alexander Calder exhibition at the Denver Botanic Gardens. American artist Alexander Calder (1898-1976) is considered one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century and is known for his bold energetic sculptures. Calder: Monumental features these iconic works of bolted steel plate–which rise in sweeping curves, or puncture space with geometric lines–revealing the artist’s exploration of forms, volumes, and voids. Using shapes that resonate with the natural world, Calder’s large lively abstractions interact with the surrounding landscape. June 19. 10 Guests. Minimum Bid: $10/person. Host: Irene Shepard


FALL TUSCAN DINNER – A St. B’s favorite. Five scratch made courses with paired Italian wines. Finish the evening with homemade Tiramisu and a Cappuccino and your choice of Grappa or Limoncello. Saturday, October 21st.  8 Guests. Minimum Bid $30/person. Hosts: Kevin Lindahl and Ben Fiedler


LILLIAN HELLMAN’S POTROAST DINNER - In Nora Ephron's book "Heartburn," there is a heavenly recipe for potroast, attributed to author and playwright Lillian Hellman.  Come and enjoy a scrumptious potroast dinner, interspersed with readings from the writings of Lillian Hellman and Dashiell Hammett, her lover of 30 years.  Dashiell Hammett wrote hardboiled crime and detective classics such as The Maltese Falcon and The Thin Man.  Lillian wrote Toys in the Attic, The Children's Hour, and The Little Foxes (made famous by the movie version starring Bette Davis).  Sunday, December 10, 5:30 PM.  6 Guests.  Minimum Bid:  $25/person. Hosts:  Eloise May and Jack Unruh


BRONCO FOOTBALL PARTY - for an "AWAY" game with dinner, wine, beer & dessert. Game date to be determined as soon as the Bronco's schedule is released. 10 Bronco Football Fans. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Hosts: Dee and Bill Frazier


DINNER AND SYMPHONY – Please be my guest for dinner at my home, followed by going to hear the amazing Lamont Symphony Orchestra and Choirs perform Mendelssohn “Die ers te Walpurgisnacht. Thursday, June 1 5:30 PM. 7 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Host: Jennie Creasey


BIKE RIDE AND LUNCH - Meet at my home at 8:30 AM. We will ride east on Dartmouth to pick up Highline Canal (packed gravel) to go SW to Lee Gulch trail (packed gravel) then NW to Platte River Trail (paved). Then going north back to Dartmouth and east full circle back to my home for lunch. Bring $ for coffee/tea stop at Hudson Gardens Care. Ride will be done at a gentle pace. August 19. 10 Bike Riders. Minimum Bid: $15/person.  Host: Jennie Creasey.


BICYCLE TOUR OF DOORS OPEN DENVER - Join us for a day tour of some of Denver's buildings and places of high architectural interest. Biking is weather permitting, otherwise we'll carpool. Route and time TBA when schedule of sites becomes available. April 29. 12 Bike Riders. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Tour Guides: Christine Schmidt and Steve Fink


PHOENIX GOLD MINE TOUR, IDAHO SPRINGS - The Phoenix gold vein was discovered in 1871. It has created several fortunes and has yet to be completely mined out! We begin at 11 AM at the Idaho Springs' mining museum to get a feel for the mining history of the area. At the Phoenix we will take an 80 minute tour of the mine. (It is a very gentle grade and strollers and wheelchairs are permitted). After the tour we can try our hand at panning for gold and keep what we find! June 3. 24 Guests (will pay admission for 12 adults and 12 children). Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Paul and Mary Ellen Garrett


HIKE TO FERN LAKE - Join a group of happy hikers on a trek to Fern Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park.  We will pass the Pool, the spectacular Fern Falls, arriving at our destination, Fern Lake after ascending 1375ft. along a gradual uphill trail.  We will sit and take in the majestic views over the lake, rest, hydrate and nourish our bodies and souls.  The total roundtrip distance is a moderate 7.6 miles.  Hikers must bring their own water/beverages and lunch.  Light snacks and treats will be available.  Car pools and meeting places to be determined closer to the date. August 5. 15 Hikers. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hiking Guide: Carol Wier


5th ANNUAL MOLE DINNER! - Learn how to make mole, the magical multi-ingredient sauce of southern Mexico, and (even better) eat a whole mess of it. Reconstitute dried chiles! Set seeds on fire! Put a confusing array of things in a blender! Take some home with you! October 22. 8 Cooks. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Hosts: Nate Stone and Lena Potyondy


COCKTAILS AND CONVERSATION - Enjoy an evening of cocktail concoctions of Erin's imagination, David's infused vodkas, our Mules, hors d'oeuvres, and laughter. Bring your thirst, hunger, and enjoy an evening of good times. August 5. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Hosts: Erin and David Bell and Heather Frazier and Clint Maptson


WOMEN’S GAME NIGHT - Play the new game "Sparked," the game with Inspiration, Heart & Hilarity! Wine and apps will accompany this fun evening. September 7. 12 Guests. Host: Jolene Whitney


BICYCLE CLIMB UP THE MOUNTAIN - Lookout! Always wanted to climb Lookout Mountain on your bike, but weren't sure you could? If one of the most massive parishioners at St Barnabas can do this, you can too! Includes a training plan and two training rides before the climb, as well as lunch afterwards at our favorite lunch spot in Golden. If you can ride at least 20 miles on your bike, you can do this. June 10. 4 Bikers. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Trainers: David and Robbie Millis


ROYAL RUMMY, TRIPOLI OR MICHIGAN RUMMY NIGHT AT ST. B’S - Come and enjoy a fun game night at St. B's. This is a fun game that we can easily teach you. It is a game which uses chips - at a penny each. Your first 25 chips are free. We will provide popcorn and root beer. Feel free to bring your own adult beverages. Open to anyone 8 and older. February 3, 2018. 25 Guests. Minimum Bid: $5/person. Hosts: Heather Frazier, Clint Mapston, and Becky and Warren Blanc.


OL’ FASHION EUCHRE NIGHT - Tap your inner Midwesterner during an evening featuring euchre, dessert and adult beverages. Don’t know euchre? Don’t worry, Kerby will teach you.
Trust us – it’s a blast! January 20, 2018. 12 Card Players. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Kerby and Tori Meyers


CHINESE NEW YEAR – Come celebrate the year of the dog with the Trautman family! Enjoy our interpretation of Chinese New Year. Try to answer the tricky quiz before each course. Practice using chopsticks. January 27, 2018. 8 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Todd and Beth Trautman


MODERATE HIKE – This is a moderate followed by a picnic lunch at White Ranch, Golden, CO. June 24, 9 AM. 10 Hikers. Minimum Bid: $10/person. Hosts: Cindy Lees and Mitch Mize

SOUTHERN BREAKFAST ON SLOAN’S LAKE - dogs and kids welcome- join us for our annual scrumptious breakfast enjoyed on our back porch overlooking Sloan's Lake Park, Sloan's Lake, and the mountain range. Celeste and Hal's southern heritage influences this meal complete with grits, monkey bread, and sausage egg bake. We can accommodate allergies and food preferences too. May 20. 12 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Celeste and Hal Richardson

BOOK TALK & DINNER – The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead (Doubleday 2016). This sometimes disturbing novel uses a unique conception of the underground railroad as a device to connect the different worlds Cora encounters in her flight from slavery to freedom. Discussion and dinner drawing on my own Southern heritage. January 13, 2018. 10 Guests. Minimum Bid: 15/person. Host: Chris Bauer


UPSTAIRS/DOWNSTAIRS PARTY – Join us Upstairs for an assortments of desserts and conversation. Then head Downstairs to watch “Victor/Victoria”, the 1982 musical starring Julie Andrews in a gender-bending slapstick comedy. She’s a female singer…impersonating a male…impersonating a female. June 24, 7 PM. 16 Guests. Minimum Bid: $10/person. Hosts: Jamie Henderson and Ray O’Loughlin


DUMB SUPPER - This Halloween tradition is a way to honor those we have lost by eating a silent dinner with them as the guests of honor. This moving, symbolic meal invites us into the presence of those who have gone before us to create an evening of remembrance, love, and heritage. October 28. 6 Guests. Minimum Bid: $25/person. Hosts: Erin Bell and Barbara Banks


ROCKIES BASEBALL - An Afternoon at Coors Field.  Join St. Barnabas friends to watch the Colorado Rockies play a Sunday afternoon game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Enjoy a warm, sunny (guaranteed!) fall afternoon of baseball! Seats are in section 117, rows 37 and 38. September 3, 1:0 Game Time. 20 Guests. Minimum Bid: $5/ticket. Hosts: Elizabeth and Timothy Hepp


CARIBBEAN FUSION PARTY - Join Kevin and Ben for cocktails and heavy hors d'oeuvres from the Caribbean with an Asian twist!  Featuring island inspired drinks (including some with umbrellas), and foods heavy on the fresh fish (and some chicken) and vegetables with light sauces.  This will be a gluten free evening! July 9, 6PM. 25 Guests. Minimum Bid: $40/person. Hosts: Kevin Lindahl and Ben Fiedler


HOOTENANNY - Join us for a fun night of music! You can sing, play guitar or another instrument or sing and play! This has proven to be one of the most favorite auction events, and you do not have to think of yourself as a musician- no pressure! Drinks, appetizers and dessert are provided while you relax and belt out the tunes. September 17. 15 Guests. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: Celeste and Hal Richardson


1st ANNUAL CORN-HOLE TOURNAMENT - Corn Bread, Corn Fritters, Corn Mash...Corn Hole!! Sharpen your bean bag throwing skills and join us for a little friendly competition. Food and beverages for all ages, family friendly. August 12. 24 Guests, children are free. Minimum Bid: $15/person. Hosts: The Blanc Family


12th NIGHT DINNER - Just when you thought Holiday parties were over. Join us for dinner to celebrate the eve of Epiphany and the Wise Men visiting the baby Jesus. January 5, 2018. 12 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: Warren and Becky Blanc


GUESS THE WINE – Please bring a bottle of wine, disguised in a paper bag and we will guess what it is while tasting heavy appetizers on the deck. June 3, 6:30 PM. Hosts: Kristen Nordenholz, Andy Martin and Becky Blanc

AUTHOR BOOK TALK WITH DESSERT & WINE - Just a few years after adopting son, Will, and daughter, Eden, from China, Johanna Garton and her husband made the decision to move their Denver family across the world for one year to fully immerse themselves in their children’s culture and place of origin. Awakening East is the result of their epic adventure. It’s a tale of humor, hardships and life lessons after Garton dived more deeply into the backstory and emotional journey each family member experienced while living abroad. Join the author for an evening of slides and stories, dessert, and wine. One lucky winner will receive a signed copy of her book! October 21, 6:30 PM. 10 Guests. Minimum Bid: $20/person. Hosts: The Farley Family

OUTDOOR FUN FAMILY GAMES - Come to our love shack at 615 Ash Street in Denver to play outdoor fun family games. Games are appropriate for ages 3 to 103. Kid friendly bar-b-que and picnic type food will be served. 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM or bedtime, whichever comes first! September 9. 20 Guests. Minimum Bid: $10/person. Hosts: Jill and Joe Bednarek


LIVE AUCTION – Begins after Dinner


CABIN NEAR WESTCLIFFE, CO - Sometime this summer or early fall, we will host four people at our cabin near Westcliffe. We will provide meals (two dinners and two breakfasts). We can help plan activities in the area if you desire. This is also a wonderful place to just hang out and relax. Must be completed by September 1. 4 Guests. Starting Bid: $200. Hosts: Karen and Jim Esten


ONE WEEK ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD - This is a time Share accommodation that sleeps four. You pay for Travel and Food. Unit sleeps 4. Starting Bid: $1,000. Offered by: Stan Siefer


RENT-A-CHEF – New options this year:  Your own special dinner, with your choice of guests:  1.) You choose: In your home or in ours!  2.) Up to 12 guests seated or up to 30 guests for a buffet meal!  You make the guest list!  3.) We’ll help you design the menu for that special event. We’ll send out the invitations. We’ll do the shopping. We cook. We serve and we clean up. 4.) You set the budget and pay for the groceries. Great for a special birthday or special event. Select a mutually agreed on date with Kevin. Starting Bid: $300. Offered by: Chefs Kevin Lindahl & Ben Fiedler


A GREEN CHILI AND HOME MADE CORNBREAD FEAST FOR EIGHT - A green chili and cornbread feast for 8 for you and those you love OR have your event catered by ours! Your date, your time, delivered hot and ready to go or frozen for your convenience! The world’s greatest green chili can be tailored to your taste for heat and carne. (Choose Pork, Beef, Turkey or Vegetarian). Must be claimed by December 15. Starting Bid: $75. Offered by: Chefs Paul and Mary Ellen Garrett


BASEBALL AND FIREWORKS - Watch one of the best fireworks displays in town after watching the Colorado Rockies play the Cincinnati Reds at Coors Field.  Tuesday, July 4, 2017.  6:10 pm game time. 2 Tickets. Starting Bid: $30/ticket. Offered by; Elizabeth and Timothy Hepp


SAILING AND GOURMET PICNIC - Raise the sails! Spend the morning sailing on "Avocet", a 21 foot sailboat. We'll tour Aurora Reservoir--clear skies mean a view of the Front Range mountains. A gourmet picnic on the lawn follows sailing.  June 17.  2 Guests. Starting Bid: $25/person.  Boat Captains: Roger and Barbara Mattison


AFRICAN SAFARI FOR 2 – 6 days and nights at the most beautiful Kwa Madwala game reserve. The package includes: 6 days and nights’ accommodation, 3 meals a day with an African flavor, 2 daily safari’s professionally guided tours in open game viewing vehicles. This offer is valid for 2 years from the date of the Auction and does not include air fare or transfers. Several parishioners have gone on a safari through African Eyes Travel. Starting Bid: $1,800. Offered by African Eyes Travel through Bill and Dee Frazier


4 THEATER TICKETS – The DCPA Theater Season 2017-1-2018 will be announced March 1, so we will know which shows are coming – SEE POSTER FOR WHICH SHOW is being offered. We won’t know the dates for these tickets until late summer. These are great seats – the first row of the 2nd orchestra section so no one sits in front of you! (Section C, Row Y, Seats 19-22). Only 4 Tickets Available. Minimum Bid: $50/ticket. Offered by: Tina Clark & Karen Burgess


PARKING FOR ONE YEAR - PRICELESS offer!! Have you ever dreamed of never having to hassle over parking on Sunday morning for church? Well your dream could become reality if you purchase this auction item - PARKING BEHIND THE CHURCH FOR ONE FULL YEAR ON SUNDAYS!!!   Bidding starts at $250.  Offered by your Auction Committee.