St. Barnabas Artists:  

Please plan on showcasing your art at the next Arts on Vine event.  Registration forms are available HERE and at the church.  

If you wish to contact us about Arts on Vine, please click here, or contact Elizabeth Hepp directly.

Arts on Vine is a creative outreach program of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church that provides a gallery and performance venue in central Denver for local artists.

Performers at Arts on Vine's annual Coffee House

Arts On Vine "Two Artists" Exhibit

Joe Bednarek and Tom Potter will show a wide range of paintings and sculpture at St. Barnabas on the weekend of Oct 20th.  While they differ greatly in their choice of media, the two artists share an impressionistic vision of their subjects that goes beneath and beyond the surface.  Each work captures not just a moment of the subject in repose, but more than a hint of what has come before, and what might happen now.

Joe’s paintings show a deep understanding of the push-pull we can feel when we look at the best landscapes or figural representations.  He defines his scenes with composition, line, and color so well it makes you wonder whether that image was already in your mind, and seeing it now just released it for another, lingering look at something at once new and yet familiar.

Tom’s sculpture tends toward the literal, with realistic depiction of mundane objects, but with a twist.  Rather than the “normal” line or bulking mass, he has arrayed “different” lines and masses into forms that finally reach beyond the ordinary.  His pieces have an other-worldly feel to them, as though existing on a plane we can barely view.  Whether cast in wax or pounded out of copper, they inspire a new appreciation of his chosen subject. 

Artist’s Statements:

Joe - Get down by the river; look, listen, feel, smell.  Forget everything.  Try it again.

Tom - People and events find resonance in our memories.  Feelings and emotions swirl as we re-visit them.  Sometimes we can quietly sample an entry and put shape to it.

Arts on Vine invites the public into a cultural milieu of artistic expression, as well as offering St. Barnabas parishioners opportunities to share their artistic expressions.  Exhibits and performances are offered on weekends throughout the year.  In addition, an All Parish Art Show and Coffee House including visual art and performances is presented by members of the parish once every year.