Arts on Vine Success!

Thank you to all who attended our sponsored Voice of the Wood concert on Doors Open Denver Sunday!  We are grateful for your enthusiastic support.

Last quarter, the Arts on Vine All Parish Art Show of 2017 was held on the weekend of February 10, 11 and 12 and it was a great show!  Twenty-three artists participated and displayed a magnificent range of creativity and beauty.  There were paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, pottery, books, a wide array of textiles (scarves, hats, shawls, and knitted and crocheted blankets, woven rugs, aprons, stockings, wine bags, tassels, quilted potholders).  There was computer generated art and a throne from a theatre production and a wooden Christmas tree.   Photo note cards were extremely popular, as always.

The opening reception on Friday night, which featured live music, brought together parishioners and invited community members representing various categories numbering more than 100.  Neighbors stopped in on Saturday afternoon and more parishioners enjoyed the show during the Renovation Celebration on Saturday night and before and after church on Sunday.

Arts on Vine is a financially self-sustaining program of St. Barnabas with no income from the operating budget.  The total net cost of this event (free-will donations minus expenses for food and drink at the reception) was $33.  The total income for all of the artists was $2,073.  Arts on Vine collects no commissions from artists at the All Parish Show.

---  Elizabeth & Timothy Hepp