OH NO…….. Our Sexton, Sandy Ortiz, who has been with us for over 10 years, is leaving! Her real job teaching at DU will require more of her time and her family obligations of raising two children with her partner Tammy are becoming more complicated. Paul and the Vestry will find it difficult to replace her.
Many have never met Sandy. She is at St. B when we are not . Her duties have included cleaning and maintenance. As Carol said, "Sandy could fix anything." In her time with us she has done many things such as climb up on the roof to fix the swamp cooler, help her Father move a safe out of Carol's office, update the women's bathroom when it became so gross she could no longer stand it, provide free paper products which lasted nearly a year when her Father's company changed their dispensing units, and provide a snow blower for the use of St. B. This was all in addition to hanging banners and other decorations as the seasons changed and setting up rooms for the meetings of many groups. Sandy's Father was available to cover for her when she had to be away and he helped with many tasks that required a second hand. We will miss them both.
If you would like to donate to a monetary gift for Sandy, please do so through the office or the collection plate. Please write Sandy in the memo line of your checks.