Volunteers Needed for WHI

WHI = Women's Homelessness Initiative

Every Thursday night for the past 5+ years St. Barnabas has hosted 20 women who are experiencing homelessness.  Our 20 guests are provided dinner and safe overnight sanctuary.  We have many volunteers from both within our church community and outside who help with setting up cots, making and serving dinner, making breakfast bags and staying overnight.  

Right now, we are seriously short of volunteers who are able and willing to spend the night. Staying overnight is not a difficult task.  The typical overnight shift is from 8:30 pm to about 6:30 am.  Lights go out and all activity ceases at 9:00 pm.  Our two overnight volunteers are provided with a cot, sheets, pillow and blankets just like our guests and are generally able to sleep during most of the night.  We seldom have an emergency during the night that requires the assistance of the volunteers!  With the addition of 2 or 3 overnight volunteers, there will be no need for any one person to stay overnight more than once a month.  Please consider serving in this very significant ministry.  Please contact-us for more information and/or to volunteers, or call Timothy Hepp at 303-320-8329.  

Learn more about CHUM and WHI here:  http://chumdenver.com/WHI.html

Arts on Vine Success!

Thank you to all who attended our sponsored Voice of the Wood concert on Doors Open Denver Sunday!  We are grateful for your enthusiastic support.

Last quarter, the Arts on Vine All Parish Art Show of 2017 was held on the weekend of February 10, 11 and 12 and it was a great show!  Twenty-three artists participated and displayed a magnificent range of creativity and beauty.  There were paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, pottery, books, a wide array of textiles (scarves, hats, shawls, and knitted and crocheted blankets, woven rugs, aprons, stockings, wine bags, tassels, quilted potholders).  There was computer generated art and a throne from a theatre production and a wooden Christmas tree.   Photo note cards were extremely popular, as always.

The opening reception on Friday night, which featured live music, brought together parishioners and invited community members representing various categories numbering more than 100.  Neighbors stopped in on Saturday afternoon and more parishioners enjoyed the show during the Renovation Celebration on Saturday night and before and after church on Sunday.

Arts on Vine is a financially self-sustaining program of St. Barnabas with no income from the operating budget.  The total net cost of this event (free-will donations minus expenses for food and drink at the reception) was $33.  The total income for all of the artists was $2,073.  Arts on Vine collects no commissions from artists at the All Parish Show.

---  Elizabeth & Timothy Hepp

Notes from the Kitchen

Colorado prides itself on being a green state. Unfortunately we do not rank at the top of the list for recycling and composting. St. Barnabas is trying to do our part, and here is how you can do yours when you are at church:

1)       Coffee cups are all COMPOSTABLE, unless they have a waxy surface, then they are landfill

2)      The small “plastic” cups we sometimes use for juice or wine are COMPOSTABLE – they are made from cornstarch

3)      Paper plates we use at some functions, that do not have a slick surface, are COMPOSTABLE

4)      Cornstarch utensils, like forks, spoons & knives are COMPOSTABLE (plastic ones brought in by others go in the TRASH)

5)      Food, napkins and paper towels are COMPOSTABLE

6)      Cardboard with food residue (e.g. pizza or cake boxes) are COMPOSTABLE

7)      Solo plastic cups are RECYCLABLE

8)      Plastic container with a triangle on it is RECYCLABLE

9)      Plastic bags go in the TRASH (or recycle them at your grocery store)

10)   When in Doubt, THROW IT OUT (it’s better not to contaminate the recyclables and compostables)

Let’s do our part, as good stewards of our planet, and pay attention to what we do with our waste.


Holy Week Schedule

April 13  -  Holy Eucharist, 6:00 pm, then Seder Supper 6:45 pm
April 13  -  Garden of Repose:  9:00 pm - Midnight
April 14  -  Garden of Repose:  6:00 am—7:00 am
April 14  -  Good Friday Services:  7:00 am and 12:00 noon
April 14  -  Good Friday “Lux Aeterna” Choral Presentation:  7:30 pm
April 15  -  Holy Saturday Easter Vigil:  7:00 pm
April 16  -  Easter Services:  7:45 am, 9:30 am; Easter Potluck in between services
                  Easter Egg Hunt at 11:00 am + Shaved Ice Truck

A Bug in the ACS Realm Install...

St Barnabas is migrating to a new online platform called "Realm".  While we were expecting to be able to bring parishioners on-board the new system this week, we have hit some migration delays. We are hoping to be able to set up online accounts beginning next week (March 13).  In the meantime, parishioners are temporarily unable to access their online directory & contribution info.

We apologize for any convenience this may cause.  Please contact David Millis if you have any questions.  Thank you for your patience!